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Web Marketing, SEO/SEM, Social Media & E-Commerce Specialist

Job Description

Advansoft LLC is looking for a Web Marketing, SEO/SEM & Social Media and E-Commerce Specialist to help manage and drive both strategic and day-to-day aspects of company’s web and social media business. This position will be responsible for establishing a long-term, sustainable strategy for social media and digital performance based on measurement and optimization. This expert will also manage and drive planning, recommendations and integration of social media content to support marketing campaign, corporate communications and product and service launches.


Job Purpose:
Operational management of marketing activities and campaigns across websites for search engine optimization (SEO) agencies to ensure that our sites are optimized for search engines.
Manage search engine marketing (SEM) and advertising campaigns collaborate with marketing team and agencies on the development of online media plans. Establish audience profiles and primary strategies to guide media planning and annual evaluations.

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