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Things you should consider while developing user-centric mobile apps


The mobile app development market is expanding its reach with every passing day. Today, saying that ‘there’s a mobile application for everything’ isn’t wrong at any point. Mobile apps have made an impeccable space in the ‘to-do-lists’ of many companies. Even the smartphone users have built a distinct relation with these mobile applications.

The mobile app market

According to a report released by Statista, the Gross Annual Revenue of mobile app market will cross $189 billion by 2020. Another report shares that in the preceding year, users have downloaded 149.3 billion apps to their connected devices. And it is expected that the same figure will touch the mark of 352.9 billion app downloads by 2021.

But Wait!!

Before the astounding figures attract you with its exponential growth, here’s the other side of the coin. According to a Mobile commerce daily report, 45% retail mobile app users aren’t satisfied with their mobile app experience.
Another building a mobile app.

1: Understanding the user

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that, you need to do a thorough research of your target audience, their current status, and what they expect to have in their mobile application. You need to study their likes and dislikes before adding the features to your mobile application. You can also try learning about the device that the large section of your target audience is using.

2: Impel yet attractive UI

You don’t really have to show all your ‘creativity’ while building the user interface of your mobile application. Keep it simple and easy to access. Ensure that the content is clearly visible, design elements are friendly, and the controls are placed at the right place. A tangled user interface can be a major reason behind user in satisfaction.

3: Compatibility

There are numerous smartphones and tablets available in the market. This variety has different screen sizes and orientation. You need to code and design your application keeping in mind all these smart devices irrespective of their screen size, OS, etc. To ensure this, you can test your mobile application on various devices.

4: Internet bandwidth

The primary reason behind this massive inclination towards the mobile applications is the time and efforts people save through them. If your mobile application takes a comparatively extra time to load at low internet bandwidth, your app users may eventually abandon your application. It is important that during the testing phase, you conduct a thorough test for the connectivity related performance issues also. Once you have the result with you, it’s time to work on presenting the best surfing experience to your users, irrespective of the network connectivity.

5: Release updates

You don’t have to present all your skills and expertise at the first launch of your mobile application. And the fact is, you can’t even do that. It is important that with the passing days, you learn through your mistakes and accordingly release updates. The best way to do this is through user reviews. Don’t leave them unattended. Check what your users expect from the application, and how you can retain them for long. It has been noticed that app updates are the best way to keep users engaged with your brand.

6: Security

With the increasing reach of IoT, the security breach has become quite common these days. Users think thrice before sharing their personal details or giving app permissions. While on one hand, you need to ensure their data safety, on the other side you also need to take care that you don’t ask them for the app permissions which are not linked or relevant to your mobile app.


The mobile app industry is going through series of changes. With every passing day, users are expecting something new, innovative, and more user-centric. The enhancing needs have indeed given rise to a tougher competition. The points listed above can indeed be of great help if implemented religiously.


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Why businesses should consider mobile apps for their services and products

Middle East region now accounts for 10% of global mobile app traffic and revenue generation.

While we’re throwing down some statistics, here’s a mind blowing statistic for you – In a recent survey by On Device Research, it was found that the Middle East region now accounts for 10% of global mobile app traffic and revenue generation.

In the same survey, 42% admitted to downloading more than 5 mobile apps in the last month. For a region that loves its smartphones, it comes as no surprise that consumers purchase smartphones to interact and spend time with their favorite apps.

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Advansoft is not only one of the top in the list of mobile apps development companies in Dubai, UAE , but also among the best mobile applications development companies in GCC region including Saudi Arabia, Qatar , Bahrain , Kuwait and Oman.

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The State Of Mobile Application Development In Dubai

Just last year, some tech experts have declared that mobile is the most underhyped thing in tech. At that time, they were feeling that enterprises were not making the most out of the opportunities that mobile apps can offer to businesses, and a lot of them were simply focusing their investments to building Web presence – and thus losing out from the potential benefits they can enjoy from being part of the multibillion dollar mobile app industry.


But as it happens in the online and mobile space, things can change almost overnight or in the blink of an eye. Since that declaration, consumer behaviors and expectations have changed and businesses’ conditions and objectives have shifted as well, causing each other to reshape and create brand-new limitations and possibilities for both. Is mobile still underhyped today, or do businesses now see it as the future? Business owners, marketers and digital professionals wanting to keep up with these developments should be keenly observing the scene in order to know where they stand and eventually assume a strong position in the game.


More investment in mobile. Today, more and more businesses are realizing how having the right mobile strategy can have a direct and significant impact on their growth and their aim for market domination. This is especially true in enterprises located at the currently most dynamic and most competitive global business hotspots. Companies from U.S. to Milan to Shanghai to the Middle East and all over the world are now gearing toward strengthening their strategies in mobile application development. In Dubai, business owners are now willing to invest more in order to reach their target market effectively through their mobile devices.


More informed users. Internet users have now been exposed to an extremely wide range of information via the World Wide Web. This has made them more familiar with the online environment and more discriminating in choosing which content to consume. Thus, businesses should then make the extra effort to build apps that are more compelling, attractive, interesting and valuable in order to earn the engagement of their target market.


More possibilities. The technology and features offered by today’s mobile devices are continuously evolving and developing. Big data has now allowed information that was once impossible to see to be now within reach with a single click. The mobile device can now be linked to a wide range of objects – the computer, the TV, the video and gaming consoles, household appliances, even the entire house itself. Businesses developing their mobile apps should take into consideration how they can make the most out of this interconnected network, also called the Internet of Things.


More investment for pro services. As mobile technology becomes much bigger and more complicated each day, businesses are finding it critical to invest in the services of experts when it comes to developing their mobile apps. This ensures that they can take advantage of the possibilities mobile can bring while ensuring that they offer a high-value app for their customers. Moreover, outsourcing app development will help business owners manage their time wisely and focus on their role in growing the brand to its full potential.

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