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Hound Mobile App

Hound is the hot new personal assistant (Voice Search & Assistant) mobile app. Here's how it compares to Siri and Google Now

Do we really need another personal assistant for our phones? Siri and Google Now are already baked into Apple and Android phones respectively, but Hound thinks it can do better.

Hound is SoundHound's digital assistant app, first released as a beta in 2015. Now, the app is ready it comes with a few tricks that one-up both Google Now and Siri. It's available at the meantime in USA for free in the App Store and Google Play, yet not available in other countries.

Specifically, Hound is built for handling multiple demands at once, so you can ask it a complicated question, like "What day of the week will June 14th be in 2030?" and it will understand all of the pieces of the question to give you a correct answer. SoundHound's CEO Keyvan Mohajer says that Hound uses "speech to recognition" technology, as opposed to "speech to text" and then "text to recognition" that its competitors use. All that means for you is faster search results and better answers for lengthy questions.

What can Hound do that others can't?

  • It's currently the only personal assistant currently that can summon an Uber ride and tell you the cost, distance and time of the trip.
  • If you're scheduling a conference call or appointment in another part of the world, Hound can tell you the time in your current location and the other time zone.
  • Hound can exclude certain results from a restaurant search. For instance, you can ask for Asian

    restaurants nearby that aren't Thai or Japanese all in one sentence. You can refine your results further by asking to show only restaurants that are open now, have parking and are inexpensive.

  • With hotels, you can rattle off a list of needs "A hotel in San Francisco from May 25 to May 31 that's pet-friendly and under $500 per night" and Hound pieces together all those attributes into your search.
Hopefully the app will be available soon in UAE other countries.


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