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What happens online in 60 seconds?

This is what happens in an Internet minute in 2017

Facebook: 3.3 million posts  . … 900,000 logins

WhatsApp: 16 million text messages

Youtube: 4.1 million videos viewed

 Apple Store & Google Play: 342,000 mobile apps downloads

Google: 3.5 million search queries

Instagram: 46,200  posts uploaded

Twitter: 452,000 Tweets sent

Snapchat: 1.8 million snaps created

Email: 156 million emails sent

Spotify: 40,000 hours listened

LinkedIn: 120 new accounts created

15,000 images sent via messenger

$751,522 spent online

NetFlix: 70,017 hours watched

Tinder: 990,000 swipes

What happens online in 60 seconds

The World has fallen in love with social media and now automatically turns to online platforms and downloading apps to research , engage , buy products & services. This gives fantastic opportunities for marketers , business development managers ,  owners and decision makers  to engage audiences , promote their services, products , brands and sales and gives them huge challenges of getting  cut-through and keeping  to-the-date of the emerging technologies , the demands & needs of this digital generation by deploying smart solutions and mobile applications.

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